CatStax: a submission for "architects for animals"

aggregate participated in "Architects for Animals," a fundraising and awareness initiative that culminated in “Giving Shelter,” a one-night event in January 2015 that benefitted the Washington Humane Society (WHS).

Participating architectural design firms built and donated creative outdoor winter shelters to provide DC’s homeless cats with refuge from the season’s freezing temperatures.

aggregate’s contribution to the event, “CatStax,” offer dry and cozy places for our feline friends to stay warm in harsh DC winter weather. The urban environment is a tough place for them to claim territory, hunt and play. Designed to stack vertically, these units can be easily placed in our local parks, alleyways and backyards. Used individually or in groups, depending on an area’s cat population, the CatStax landscape offers a safe retreat when faced with human and feline threats. Easy to transport and relocate, yet durable and sturdy, CatStax are constructed to withstand multiple rainy and snowy seasons.

See our full-size submission board (PDF, 24x35 inches, 94MB).

Project status: concept